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November 9, 2013 The Timebox Concert Items and Timebox Promotional Items pages has been upgraded with additional and better quality images.  Timebox WEM advertisement added to the Other Bits section.  Added to the Timebox Singles page: advertisement for "I'll Always Love You", stock copy of "I'll Always Love You" single, and the "Spurs Go Marching On" single.  Added to the Patto Concert Items page: better quality images of Marquee flyer, Van Dike club contracts, and a new Van Dike poster.  Promotional sticker added to the Boxer Below The Belt page.
October 27, 2013 The Timebox Articles and Interviews section has been upgraded with additional and better quality images.
October 25, 2013 Added advertisements and reviews to the Timebox singles page.   Upgraded the Other Bits page.
October 20, 2013 The upgrade of the Patto section is pretty much complete.  Improved images and a lot of new stuff added, especially to the Music section and the Concert Items page.  Still more to add later once the rest of the site is upgraded.

The Timebox singles page has been greatly improved.  Much better images, when possible, and a lot more of them.

October 07, 2013 Well, I have finally started to fix up the site after years of neglect.  I have wanted to do this for a long time, but there is usually no shortage of more pressing things to take care of.

I have fixed all of the broken navigation links for a start.  The next phase will be going through the entire site and upgrading the images (larger, better resolution), updating content, and adding stuff.  The site was built before high-speed internet became more common, but it's time to fix this place up and make it look better.

I am focusing on Patto first and have already made a lot of improvements to the music section

By the way, thanks to all who came out to The Rutles shows in August to cheer on Barry Wom.  We all had a great time on the tour thanks to you.

November 27, 2009 Added some information on recent news of a Rusty Strings 45 by Ollie released in 1974.
April 16, 2009 Some new sleeves added to the Timebox singles page.  Also news that the Don't Make Promises demo copy features an alternate version of the song!
January 21, 2007 The web site has been moved from AOL to its own domain!  Not only is the url easier to remember, but I am no longer confined to such a small amount of space.

As time permits, I will be improving the look of the site and adding additional content.  In particular, I will be upgrading the graphics and providing better images that are larger and less compressed.

December 30, 2006 Added a page for a Patto story from Helen Newman, including a picture of Ollie and Tony Newman.
January 21, 2006 Timebox:  added record labels and picture sleeves for "Beggin'" (Italian) Belgian promo copy of "Girl, Don't Make Me Wait."  See the Timebox singles page.

Spooky Tooth picture sleeve added to the Mike Patto page, the photo is actually a unique live shot of Patto instead of Spooky Tooth.

Japanese Tempest picture sleeve added to the Ollie Halsall page.

February 18, 2005

Patto:  A bunch of 1971 live and studio dates have been added to the Concert Dates page.  Taken from several Patto work schedules from Trigrad Entertainments.

Timebox:  added record labels and picture sleeves for "I'll Always Love You," "Soul Sauce," and "Beggin'" to the Timebox singles page.

May 26, 2003 Patto:  Island Records Australian press release for the "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em..." album;  review of the "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em..." album  from Disc 11/25/72; excerpt from Joe Cocker interview in the 11/25/72 issue of Disc with Patto mention added to the "How's Your Father" page;  

Timebox:  added various picture sleeves and record labels to the Timebox singles page.

Boxer:  live review from Sounds 11-1-75; "Absolutely" album review from Melody Maker 7-16-77; images of the USA "Below The Belt" promo poster and a Holland 45 picture sleeve added to the the "Below the Belt" page. 

Mike Patto:  1974 RockStock magazine interview; added image of Bo Street Runners promo single for "Drive My Car to the Mike Patto page.

Ollie Halsall:  Patto-era photo added to the Ollie Halsall page (provided by Lucy Piller).

September 2, 2002 Patto story from Sounds 11-11-72.  Review of 5-6-73 Patto concert from Melody Maker 5-12-73.  Boxer/Crawler/Moon tour report from Beat Instrumental September, 1977.  

New live picture from 1970 Plumpton Festival on the Concert Dates page courtesy of Lars Gillen.  Miscellaneous items added to the How's Your Father section including a John Halsey obituary, which is funny as John Halsey is still very much alive.

Several images added to the Ollie Halsall section, including the promotional sticker for Tempest's "Living In Fear" LP (page 2).

Pictures of several singles/picture sleeves added to the Timebox singles page and the Mike Patto section, including the promotional copy of the "Can't Stop Talkin' About My Baby" and Chicago Line's "Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop" single.

June 3, 2001 Eddie Tuduri, drummer in the final lineup of Boxer, is working on a book titled "Sideman" and has kindly provided the Patto Fan Site with a preview excerpt about his days with Boxer!

A batch of Patto live photos taken on their 1972 USA tour supporting Joe Cocker!

Miscellaneous Tempest articles and interviews from when Ollie was with the band in 1973/1974.

May 1, 2001 All of these early articles added to the Mike Patto section come from unknown sources: circa 1964 Bluebottles articlecirca January 1965 Mike Patto story about compering for the Chuck Berry/Moody Blues tour, a Bo Street Runners article circa June 1966, and a review of the "Can't Stop Talking About My Baby" single circa December 1966. 

Patto interview from Disc 12-25-71.  Review of the Dingwalls 1975 reunion concert from Sounds 5-31-75.  Review of Patto's "Roll 'Em Smok 'Em..." LP from Music World Magazine, January 1973.  Review of the "Sense of the Absurd" CDs from the September 1996 issue of Facelift.  

More single and picture sleeve additions to the Timebox singles page.

February 11, 2001 Timebox:  interview from Valentine 9-21-68.

Patto LP reviews:  "Patto" review from New Haven Rock Press, Spring 1971; "Hold Your Fire" review from Fusion, July 1972; "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em" reviews from Fusion, March 1973 and ROCK,  12-18-72.

Mike Patto:  "Loves & Hates of Mike Patto" article from unknown source circa 1968.

A terribly incomplete list of Patto concert dates.  I'm hoping other fans can help make it more complete.

December 18, 2000 Happy Holidays, everyone!  It's been much too busy lately, but I've managed to put a few new things out there.  Added some rare Tempest photos by Fin Costello, courtesy of M.Z.  An interview with Ollie Halsall from New Haven Rock Press 4-4-73.  Rare 12-inch Boxer single for "All The Time In The World" added to the "Below the Belt" page.  More single and picture sleeve additions to the Timebox singles page. 
November 22, 2000 New Patto items!  Interview from Time Out 12-71; "Hold Your Fire" review from Melody Maker 12-18-71; Details for the BBC recording sessions; Full-page ad for "Hold Your Fire" from Melody Maker 11-27-71.

A couple not-so-favorable Boxer reviews:  "Below the Belt" LP review from NME 2-21-76; Live review from Sounds 3-27-76.

September 16, 2000 Lots of additions and updates to the Mike Patto section!  The Patto Other Recordings page updated with new BBC session information (I'll give the complete BBC session details soon).  Miscellaneous Timebox updates:  corrections and photo upgrades on the Articles and Interviews: 1967 through May 1968 page; photo upgrade on the Promotional Items page; new images of singles, an acetate, and picture sleeve on the Singles 1967-1969 page.
July 29, 2000 I'm very happy to announce the first article/interview done exclusively for the Patto Fan Site!  Recollections From a Fellow Skyliner.  Phil McCarthy shares some memories about his brother, Michael McCarthy, alias Mike Patto, for all of Mike's fans that visit this site!
July 20, 2000 Article about Boxer's Below the Belt LP cover from Sounds 1-24-76.  Picture of Timebox from the 9-14-68 issue of a UK magazine called Jackie, located in the Timebox Articles/Interviews June 1968 and After section.
July 16, 2000 Boxer live review from NME 2-7-76.  Ollie Halsall/Kevin Ayers article from NME 12-7-74.

Misc. changes througout site - adding new pictures, etc.  Check out the Site Map page for a laugh.

July 1, 2000 Good Patto interview with Mike from Disc 12-9-72 and another short Patto article from NME  1-16-71.  Good interview with Boxer from Sounds  2-28-76.  Timebox related information from the Igginbottom Wrench CD liner notes in the Timebox Articles and Interviews section.  

Also added various record label images like the US version of Timebox's "Beggin'" single, the UK "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em LP", and the Australian "Hold Your Fire" LP.

April 22, 2000 Patto:  Good article from Circus, June 1972 plus a live review from Melody Maker 11-13-71.

Boxer:  live reviews from NME 11-8-75 and Sounds  2-21-76.

Note for Netscape users:  I've recently overhauled the site to fix some problems that were occurring with Netscape browsers.

March 25, 2000 Patto live reviews!  Sounds 7-19-75 (reunion gig!), Melody Maker 6-12-71, Melody Maker 2-6-71

Boxer press releases:  1975 Press Release, 1976 Virgin Press Kit with photos!  Also another 1977 live review: Record Mirror 7-30-77

March 2, 2000 Tons of new stuff!
Patto:  Sounds 8-12-72, NME 11-25-72, NME 1-27-73
Mike:  NME 12-14-74
Ollie:  Melody Maker 7-13-74, Guitar 1-77, Melody Maker 1-18-75
Boxer:  Melody Maker 10-4-75, Sounds 10-4-75, Record Mirror 7-9-77.

Also added a new section called "How's Your Father" (means "this and that") for miscellaneous short articles and odd items.
Some Timebox Articles added:  67 to 5-68, 6-68 and After
Couple of small ads for "Hold Your Fire" LP.
Small additions and changes too numerous to mention.

I separated out the Patto live Concert Reports out from the Patto Articles and Interviews page -- I have a bunch more live reports to add in the near future.

February 19, 2000 A bunch of Mike Patto and Dick and the Firemen articles have been added!  They are accessible via the Site Map or the Mike Patto section.  Or you can use these links:  Sounds 7-28-73, Sounds 12-8-73, Sounds 1-26-74, Sounds 8-17-74, Sounds 10-12-74, NME 8-7-76.

More Patto articles:  Live review from Sounds 11-25-72.  Review of "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em" from NME 12-2-72.  Review of "Hold Your Fire" from DISC 12-18-71.

Found a 12/21/68 Melody Maker, so photo at top of 2nd Timebox articles page is upgraded.

January 31, 2000 Some new Patto and Ollie Halsall articles this time.  Great Patto interview from Melody Maker 12-11-71 with a unique photo and a live review from Melody Maker 11-25-72.  Great Ollie article from Melody Maker 11-6-71, plus Ollie answers gear questions in an article from Melody Maker(?) circa December 1971.  

New Timebox article - "Never Say Die" from Disc, 8-31-68.

Lastly, found a copy of the Melody Maker with the "Bitter Patto" article, so the photo looks much better.

January 12, 2000 Added page for the new Patto live CD, "Warts and All"!  Found a copy of the Melody Maker with the Ollie and Blue Traffs article, so it now has the photograph.
January 4, 2000 Happy New Year, everyone!  I have added a lot of things to the Timebox section.  New items are too numerous to list individually, but the section has roughly doubled in size!  There is a new promotional items page.

Have a bunch of Patto items to get to, but for now just one new article -- a live review from Aug. 7, 1971 Melody Maker.  Added some more items to the Patto concert items section, including a flyer from the US 1972 tour with Joe Cocker.

One new Ollie article -- obituary from the Summer 1992 Ptolemaic Terrascope, which includes a 1986 Ollie poem.  Added a pic of  Cinemaspop to the last page of the Ollie Halsall section.  

Lastly, added an advertisement for the Bluebottles to the Mike Patto section.


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