Sounds  March 37, 1976

Boxer - dead weight champs

By Robin Smith

IT WOULD have been nice to hear the future of British rock ’n’ roll in comfort, instead of having your eardrums torn apart by excess decibels. Reading Town Hall is soon to be demolished – have Boxer and support band Widowmaker playing there for a week and the foundations would start cracking.

Boxer’s record company has spent mucho pesetas promoting them. Why, they even arranged a naughty LP sleeve knowing damn well it would be banned and cause a bit of publicity. Live, Boxer don’t live up to the promise of their glossy packaging. They play unoriginal rock that you can hear in any club from Reading to Redruth and pay far less for the concert. Come the summer, Boxer will probably be playing somewhere downbill at a festival. They’ll have a brief moment of glory getting the crowd dancing before continuing to slog away in the small time league.

They play a predictable set full of predictable songs with predictable lyrics: ‘Baby, you’re gonna satisfy me love, squeeze me,’ etc. The crowd remained unmoved, apart from those who walked out because of the blasting sound.

Widowmaker’s set was equally tedious.

If Boxer and Widowmaker are being tipped as the great white hopes of ‘76 the future looks bleak indeed. – ROBIN SMITH


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