Sounds  February 21, 1976


By Dave Laing

A FEW years back, London's Marquee Club was a stronghold of Patto, one of the better experimental bands of the era.  Last Friday it was again packed to welcome Boxer which, like earlier bands, features the fiery talent of singer Mike Patto and guitarist Ollie Halsall.

This was only the band's third gig, so there were inevitably a few goofs.  But as Patto and Halsall, ably supported by Tony Newman (drums) and Keith Ellis (bass) got into their stride, these were forgotten.  'All The Time In The World' and Terry Stamp's 'Town Drunk' had them bouncing ideas off each other in a mounting crescendo of sound, as each moved through keyboards and the rhythm section took their solos.

It was a far more confident performance from Boxer than their first support gig a few weeks ago.  Ollie Halsall lived up to his reputation as probably the most imaginative guitarist around, while Mike Patto projected the sharp and often witty lyrics to great effect.  As a heavy band that hits you in the head as well as the guts, Boxer provide a much-needed addition to the current scene. - DAVE LAING.


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