Melody Maker?, Circa December, 1971
Ollie's 'Istory    

WHAT guitarists influenced Ollie Halsall, of Patto? When did he first learn to play the guitar? When is Patto’s second album coming out? (R. Tombleson, Wisbech). What equipment do Patto use? (T. Turley, Birmingham). Which guitar, strings, amp and plectrum does Ollie Halsall use? (Paul Brady, Glasgow).

MY biggest influence was Bert Weedon.  HE’S GREAT!  I’ve listened to him on records and seen him on the box, but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him.  I began playing when I was seven and am self-taught, although I had a natural aptitude for music, possibly because my father, Harry, played the euphonium in a brass band. My guitar is a Gibson SG custom and I use Picato Medium-gauge strings and a Bert Weedon plectrum.  I have a 40-watt Fender amp with four 10-inch speakers linked to a 20-watt Fender amp with one 12-inch speaker.  This does something to the sound. I use the 20-watt as a pre-amp for the power amp in the 40-watt.  I also play a Viscount vibraphone, made by John Peachey.  John Halsey has a Gretsch standard drum kit with Avedis Zildjian cymbals and Clive Griffiths plays one of the original Fender Mustang bass guitars with an Acoustic amp of about 80 watts.  Our vocalist-leader Mike Patto plays a Wurlitzer electric piano with a Fender 30-watt amp.  Our PA is a WEM 400 watt – one of the first Charlie Watkins ever made – plus a 10-channel Johan Schneider mixer.  Our second LP, "Hold Your Fire," is now available on Vertigo. 


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