Source unknown,  circa January 1965

Lynn singer compere for Moody Blues show

MIKE PATTO, who is 
stepping up the pop ladder.

MICHAEL Thomas Sean Patrick McCarthy has been launched from Lynn into the highly competitive entertainment world.

But the name will be Mike Patto, who only three months ago joined forces with a Lynn promoting agency.  Since then he has made the first major step up the ladder of success and is at present touring in a show with some of the pop world's leading artists, including The Moody Blues, whose current record is top of the charts.

But more to the credit of 22-year-old Mike, the step has taken him further than the achievement of having a short singing spot on the show, as he has a second and more demanding role to carry out as compere.

Big jump

Certainly a big jump from the Mike Patto of only a few months back who was lead singer in a rhythm and blues group which has yet to taste the fruits of real success.

But with the group, the Bluebottles, his travels took him on numerous occasions to Lynn, where his ability came to the notice of the promoting agency.

Mr. Jack Barrie told me that he was immediately impressed with the "natural talent" that Mike showed, and offered him a contract but as a solo artist.

And there followed the important tour, which, said Mr. Barrie who became Mike's manager, is going down very well.

He told me that already Mike has made a test recording the results of which should be seen on the market in the near future.  And the record, he hopes, will lead to television appearances.

I asked Mr. Barrie what the more distant future held for this promising Lynn product.

"His own versatility makes it impossible to assess," he replied.  "He has a terrific personality, he dances, sings and has the ability to tell a joke.  Together these are the qualities of a cabaret artist, but he could specialise in any one aspect and still make a name for himself."
Nitpicking:  Mike's full name was Michael Thomas McCarthy.  Forget the "Sean Patrick".

Article kindly provided by Phil McCarthy.


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