New Musical Express  January 27, 1973

by Paul Weir

IT WAS going to be a special night at the Marquee. The audience knew it and so did Mike Patto who was as he put it "well groomed" that night.

First on were a relatively new band Andromeda. The poor guys had horrific gear problems but the music was excellent. Due to the aforementioned problems they were only able to do three of their numbers but what numbers! They sound like a hybrid of some of the best aspects of Skin Alley and Supertramp and if there are still any music lovers around things must surely move for them. Nice one. To coin a popular contemporary cliche.

Well it was Patto the folks had come to see, and see them they did. Mike at the mike danced like a madman in that unique Patto style a sort of frantic visual representation of the music.

The music varied from the frantic "Loud Green Song" to the cooler "Im Baroque" with a nice harmony link between the piano and the bass. Clive Griffiths deserves special mention for his tight bass playing without which the whole thing would undoubtedly fall to bits,

Looning? Yes, of course. Nice line when Mike said in hot n alive fashion, "Are we gonna rock?" and Ollie Halsall replied in the ultimate dull boring monotone voice of the decade, "Yeah, we certainly are...".

They did too and the rapport between Patto and a room full of dedicated Patto freaks was of course total.

Patto dont do things by halves so for an encore they brought on Gasper Lawal, Ian Wallace, Boz, Jimmy Karstein and Tim Hinkley to do "These Kinds of Blues". Boz conducted the jam with finesse, Mike Patto and Tim Hinkley both played the same piano at once like half an octopus, and the whole thing went beautifully.

As I rushed for the tube I saw two drunks waltzing together in the street which must surely be a fine finish to a fine evening.



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