Source unknown,  circa June 1966


Let me introduce you to five nice guys.  First off, there's Gary Lewis the lead guitarist; Mike Patto, the singer; Dave Cameron, on bass; Barry Wilson the drummer; and Tim Hinkley on the organ.  Combined they make up the Bow (sic) Street Runners.

You may remember they won the Ready, Steady, Win! beat group competition a year or so back.  There are only two original members left now, Barry and Dave.

They're recently moved into a flat in Hampstead, North London.

"And you see the way we've decorated it!" said Mike.

"We've painted the walls black and the ceiling white and white panels on the black walls, it looks real classy."

"What he means," said Tim, "is that we've done it out to look like the Regency period.  There are great chandeliers in most of the rooms and we've deep red curtains over the windows."

It sounds smashing and they've asked me round to see the place when it's completely finished.  Till then I'll just listen to their latest disc, 'Drive My Car'.


Nitpicking:  Of course, the band's name was "Bo Street Runners", not "Bow Street Runners".

Article kindly provided by Phil McCarthy. 


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