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November 8, 1999 Added the Ollie Halsall section (finally!).  New Marquee flyer from 1969 with Timebox added to the Timebox Concert Items page.
October 31, 1999 Added US single for "Singing the Blues on Reds" to the Patto "Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em..." page.  Added test pressing to the Timebox "Original Moose on the Loose" page.  Updates to Mike Patto section (confirmed McCarthy surname, added image of "Sitting in the Park" single, etc.).  Many miscellaneous updates/anecdotes too numerous to list as a result of a recent conversation with John Halsey.
October 24, 1999 New Patto articles Melody Maker 1-16-71Melody Maker 1-23-71, and Melody Maker 1-22-72.
Record reviews added for Patto's debut LP, Boxer's Below The Belt, Boxer's Absolutely, and Timebox's Original Moose on the Loose.
Two short Melody Maker articles added to the Patto Concert Items page.  WEM advert added to the Timebox Concert Items page.
October 20, 1999 Added new article on Boxer from NME 1976.  Added information about singles from Boxer's Absolutely LP.
October 17, 1999 Added the Mike Patto section.
October 13, 1999 Added a Site Map and a few new links.
October 10, 1999 Added the Boxer section.  New 1967 Scotch of St James's flyer added to the Timebox Concert Items section.
October 4, 1999 Patto Concert Items page was overhauled -- and 6 new items added.  Added Marquee Club 1968 flyer on the Timebox Concert Items page.
September 30, 1999 Added the guestbook.
Miscellaneous bits of information plugged in and updated here and there thanks to Barry Monks!
September 24, 1999 All Timebox pages added.  "What's New" page added.
September, 1999 Web site launched!


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