Boxer 1975 Press Release

Anyone who follows the fortunes of our British groups, will be familiar with the faces and talents involved with BOXER; a new rock band.
BOXER are:  Mike Patto/vocals
Ollie Halsall/keyboards, lead guitar
Keith Ellis/bass
Tony Newman/drums

Skiffle groups, the Bow Street Runners and Timebox, were the training ground for Mike Patto, who went on to front his own band Patto, for three years. During their time together they managed to consolidate a small hard core following who constantly bemoaned the bandís minority acceptance. Certainly Patto were a unique musical combination.

Unfortunately, Patto split up in 1972 and the musicians went their separate ways. Mike Patto joined Spooky Tooth, with whom he cut one album, "The Mirror".

For the last year Mike Patto has had a serious re-think about his career. The result is BOXER.


Ollie, too, spent three years along side Mike in Patto; during which time he earned himself a reputation as one of Britainís finest guitarists. Consequently, when Patto broke up, he found himself in constant demand as a session guitarist. Ollie joined Jon Hisemanís Colosseum and more recently played with the Kevin Ayers band.


Bassist Keith Ellis, who has spent the last year playing and doing sessions in and around Los Angeles, was a founder member of Juicy Lucy. Since leaving them he has played with Bobby Whitlock and made live appearances with Donovan. More recently Keith joined Mike Patto with Spooky Tooth.


One of our most prolific session drummers, Tony Newmanís professional career really started with Brian Epsteinís Sounds Incorporated, who at that time were rated as Britainís number two instrumental group, (second only to the Shadows), which took Tony on several world tours with the Beatles. Since then, apart from the many albums that he has guested on, he has played and toured with such bands as Jeff Beck, Kevin Ayers, David Bowie, to name but a few.


All the musicians in BOXER have known both success and failure; so there is a strong understanding between them. They are all Ďprofessionalí musicians and create one of the most exciting stage acts to emerge in 1975. At a time when a certain apathy surrounds the music industry, and new idols are constantly being searched for, Mike, Ollie, Keith and Tony stand a chance of making it very big.

239/241 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C.2 01-836 i886

Note:  Not certain of the origin of this bio -- maybe from Nigel Thomas, their manager.

Nitpicking:  Patto split up in 1973, not 1972.  Ollie joined Hiseman's Tempest, not Colloseum.


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