Disc Magazine, 11-25-72


"Roll ‘Em Smoke ‘Em
Put Another Line Out"
(Island ILPS 9210, £2.30)


PATTO – "RolI ‘Em Smoke ‘Em Put Another Line Out" (Island ILPS 9210, £2.30).

Well, here y’have it, the long-awaited album from my all time fave rave band. Onstage they are probably the finest playing and most spontaneously amusing band in the country. A great in-person act, by my troth, they play some right han’some toons n’all.

Guitarist and keyboards Olly "guitar race" Halsall has a unique, truly mind-blowing style - his piano on the opener "Flat Footed Woman" is quite the best I’ve heard - bassist Clive Griffiths plays with a power and funkiness more akin to our black brothers, and works in perfect harmony with master drummer John Halsey, the beau brummel of the band. And Mike - he sings like a spade too (and some say he’s quite a racy little mover on stage).

"Roll ‘Em, etc." has a much looser, more natural feel than its predecessors which you should have - "Patto" and "Hold Your Fire" - and is therefore more akin to the stage Patto, famous for its stylish and collective looning. Herein is portrayed that side of the band - John Halsey’s "black humour" on the oh so risqué "Mummy", a quaint little tale wherein the child, awakening from a nightmare, finds comfort in the womby warmth of its mother, and the epic sea shanty "Cap’n P And The ‘Attos".

There’s also "Loud Green Song," a rasping, honking chordy send-up filled with fine throwaways like ". . . I was messing around in Mesopotamia . . ." etc., and some dazzling million notes a minute stuff from Olly, and "Flat Footed Woman," with it’s vaguely "Hot Rats" era rhythms, lovely lyrics and superb drumming.

"Singin’ The Blues On Reds" is a stax flavoured number with lyrics that hint of a gentle poke at James Brown, but could be taken as a fair comment on the all-powerful stage presence of the rock singer. Intellectual stuff this – "It’s psychoanalyse an album time, folks . . ."

Buy this album, even if only to placate my ever-expanding ego. PE.


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