Record Mirror  July 30, 1977



By Nigel Morton

SATURDAY NIGHT saw the arrival in London of the "Heat On The Streets" package tour.

Moon and Boxer both had the chance to win over the 2,000 or so members of the audience, but neither of them succeeded. Moon failed because they were out of place in a theatre the size of the Rainbow, and their style of funk / rock just didn’t lift off. Boxer, though, should’ve known better than to serve up a set of sub-standard 12 bar blues tunes. With a line up that boasts top class players like Mike Patto, Tim Bogart and Chris Stainton you would expect them to have some original ideas.

Crawler on the other hand showed plenty of imagination. They really started to send the shivers up the back with ‘You Are My Saviour’, a slow number that built in feeling and emotion as quickly as Geoff Whitehorn ripped out molten steel guitar licks. Whitehorn’s playing still has rough edges though and he needs to overcome his shyness. He doesn’t try to copy the style of the late Paul Kossoff, the original leader of Crawler. He pushes his own style to the fore.

Crawler’s set included ‘You And Me’, ‘Just So Long’ and ‘Castana Dreamer’. With ‘Castana Dreamer’, they could possibly have a hit single on their hands.  NIGEL MORTON


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