Sounds  January 24, 1976

Prude or rude?

By Hugh Fielder


THIS IS the cover that covered this fair land’s major book shop chain in such confusion that they banned it.

It’s Boxer’s ‘Below The Belt’ which is where the eye tends to stray after a moment or two (sorry, second or two) only to be forcefully reminded of the name of the group once again. Subtle it ain’t.

Of even more interest to our younger male readers is the picture on the back of the album which is similar to the front (although smaller) but doesn’t have the intervention of the third hand that fine art connoisseurs might feel detracts somewhat from the front cover. Regular art lovers also remember the lady from the Sun calendar; she is Miss February.

It has certainly aroused (eh?) W. H. Smith who, after a careful inspection of the full-frontal pic on the back decided to ban it. They really care about your moral welfare you see. If you want dirty pictures you’ll have to go to their magazines counter. So Virgin have had to do a cover up job. They have drawn a belt on the lady that hangs down at the front and tastefully obliterates that which drives men mad (or at least makes your eyes water).

The alternative was to shrink-wrap the album in opaque plastic or put a sticker over the offending area (which really would have been obscene). Now you know how hard people have to work to protect your sensitive little eyes. – Hugh Fielder.

Note:  Click Mike's glove to see the unobstructed view.


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