Melody Maker, January 18, 1975

Stones’ shopping list

HAVE the Rolling Stones ground to a halt now that Mick Taylor, blond-haired guitar ace has finally wrenched himself free to carve a new career with Jack Bruce?

Who will the Stones choose to join forces with Keith Richard? It may be that Mick and Keith will opt for a four-piece line-up, as was evinced on recordings during the period of Brian Jones decline, especially as likely contender Ronnie Wood has officially turned them down.

But if they are still shopping around, and haven’t already secretly snatched some young hopeful from the jive cellars of rock, here is the Melody Maker Report on a selection of musicians we consider might make ideal replacements.

STONE RATINGS: Is this the right-man-for-the-job-Dept.   

  Looks, talent, he could initiate a Rolling Stones Renaissance, but might threaten Mick’s role as queen bee.
   Excellent technician, but lacking in Stones style image. Threat of incompatible ego.
   Too long in tooth.
   Ideal, but unlikely to be hi-jacked, even if you press money into his guitar case.
   Sturdy musicianship – a great asset – but is he Stones material?

TRACK RECORD: The Southport Raver first took up the instrument at seven, but by 13 had switched to drums with a local group. Later played vibes in a seven piece group and who played as Take Five at the Whisky A-Gogo in London later backing Tommy Quickly. In 1967 took up guitar as a lead instrument during a summer season at Butlins. Joined Timebox. After a succession of flop records, the band changed their name to Mike’s nickname "Patto," and built up a considerable following for their raunchy, goodtime music at the Marquee, into the early seventies. In more recent times has been diversifying his talent, cropping up in what seemed unlikely company, but impressing audiences and musicians alike. Served a stint with Jon Hiseman’s Tempest, but also worked with John Cale, Nico and Kevin Ayers, appearing on Kevin’s "Confessions of Dr Dream," and the "live" album from the Rainbow featuring John Cale, Eno and Nico. Currently a member of Ayers’ Soporifics.

POTENTIAL: Hailed as one of the best guitarists in British rock, has a prodigious turn of speed, and the kind of inventive ability that ensures his longest solos remain interesting and exciting. Also has considerable ability as a writer and arranger, and together with his skills at keyboards and drums, would be a massive asset.

IMAGE: Far removed from the usual rock lead guitarists image of frizzed out hairstyle and loonpants. Ollie prefers a check jacket and an unpretentious air. But has character and integrity, qualities no band can afford to turn down.


Note:  So Ollie was a little long in the tooth for the Stones, eh?  Interesting how nobody signed their name to this article.  This is only an excerpt -- there were 9 other guitarists proposed as Mick Taylor replacements:
Jeff Beck  Dave Clempson (Humble Pie)
Ry Cooder Robben Ford
Peter Frampton Steve Hillage
Jorma Kaukonen Mick Ronson
Andy Somers (better known as Summers, guitarist for Ayers and The Police)
Nitpicking: Take 5 renamed themselves Timebox, and they had already taken that name when Ollie took over guitar in 1967.    


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