New Musical Express  January 16, 1971

by Roy Carr

For far too long now, Patto have been a musicianís group drawing some of our major names from the seclusion of their homes to catch one of their in-town gigs.

But itís time that they were a peopleís band getting the recognition they deserve. Patto is a proven commodity abounding with talent and just ready for exploding in a big way throughout Europe.

In their namesake, Mike Patto they are most fortunate in having a rock singer who uses a jazz singerís technique yet still retains the rawness and attack of rock.

Olly Halsall, who doubles on guitar and vibes, is going to prove very strong competition if he continues to execute his role in such a tasteful manner.

Throughout, Clive Griffiths on bass and drummer John Halsey added tremendous vigour to the groupís overall performance both at the Marquee and the Lyceum.

It will be a great pity if Patto suffer from public neglect, because they are there for everyone to go along and hear. You wonít be disappointed if you do.   Roy Carr


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