Record Mirror  July 9, 1977



By Linsay Oldridge

MOON OPENED up the second night of this epic promotional package tour. Moon is a seven-piece who deliver tasty up-front funk with powerful vocals from Noel McCalla supported by Nicky Payne, who also plays sax and flute, there is no doubt that they’re fine musicians, but they need heavy plugging if they are to get anywhere.

Moon are easy, pleasant listening but they don’t have a lot else to offer, unlike Crawler who have, as an extra bonus, the sinewy figure of ex-Beckett man Terry Wilson-Slesser (have voice, and body; will sing, and pose) Crawler’s music is raucous blues, featuring a lot of Jeff Whitehorn’s lead guitar. They’re punchy and if any of the record company’s hopes are realised it will be through Crawler’s record sales.

Well, Boxer Mark II has retained just Mike Patto from that original line-up. They have been together for a few months but the Colston Hall was only their second gig and it really showed; they may all be fine musicians in their own right but together or more often untogether, it didn’t happen. Patto’s singing battled against the wattage of the rest of the bands, and the sound mix was a mess.

The verdict on the evening: Crawler could, Moon should, but Boxer oughtn’t even to have been put on the road when they are so ill-prepared for gigging. LINSAY OLDRIDGE


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