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These are items I am looking for.  Please contact me at

Apart from the specific items listed, I am always looking for rare audio, video, press clippings, concert handbills, photos, posters, promotional records, etc. related to Patto, Timebox, Boxer, Ollie Halsall, Mike Patto, etc.  The same goes for The Rutles and Neil Innes.


PATTO - European "Hold Your Fire" LP with alt. version of "See You At The Dance Tonight"
PATTO - Mint copy of debut LP (UK pressing with textured cover)
TIMEBOX - Donít Make Promises/Walking Through the Streets of My Mind,  UK Single
TIMEBOX - Iíll Always Love You, UK single (on Piccadilly label)
TIMEBOX - Soul Sauce, stock UK single (on Piccadilly label)
TIMEBOX - Come On Up, Single w/PC (France, Deram)  -- better copy of pic sleeve

Singles from anywhere with picture sleeves.

Mike Patto and Related:

MIKE PATTO - Oh, Duchess, UK single (?)
MIKE PATTO - Thinking of You/She Will Not Care, UK single (?)
CHICAGO LINE - Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop/Jump Back, UK single
SPOOKY TOOTH - Live Recordings w/Mike Patto
ALVIN LEE - Midnight Special w/Mylon Lefevre and Mike Patto (1973), VIDEO
DICK & THE FIREMEN - Live recordings
HINKLEY'S HEROES - Live recordings
ROCKS (Mike Patto, John Halsey) - Live recordings

Ollie Halsall:

OLLIE AND THE BLUE TRAFFS (unreleased 1972 album)
RUSTY STRINGS recordings

John Halsey:

FELDER'S ORIOLES - I Know, UK single
FELDER'S ORIOLES - Backstreet / Something You've Got, UK single


BOXER - Bloodletting, original 1976 promotional copy (if it truly exists)
BOXER - Hey Bulldog, promo 12-inch single


RUTLES - Promo button (Ron is Nasty)
FRED MAGAZINE - 1978, with Rutles story
RUTLES - Rutlemaniacs Fan Club issues
Any unusually rare items (already have commons buttons, stickers, records, etc.)


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