Here are links to some other sites that may interest fans of Patto.


The Patto Website 
Tore Wildhauer's site devoted to Patto 

Ollie Halsall

Check out these sites for Ollie's discography, notes on technique, and more!

Caves - Ollie Halsall Archive
Barry Monks' tribute site for Ollie.  

Why Are We Sleeping?: Ollie Section
The Ollie Halsall tribute section of Martin Wakeling's Kevin Ayers site.


The Rutles
History of the Rutles 
John Hazelton's excellent, thorough history of the Pre-Fab 4!  My favorite Rutles site.

Tragical History Tour

Neil Innes

Innes Book Of Records 
Neil's site.  Read blogs and news.  Purchase recordings and other merch.

Words of Innespiration 
A fantastic site by Bonnie and Laurie!  It is primarily devoted to Neil, but also the Bonzos, The World, Grimms, etc.  You can find all of the lyrics here as well as links to videos, audio, and much more!

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Ian Kitching's Bonzo Site 
A great site devoted to all things Bonzo.

Ginger Geezer 
Cool site devoted to Vivian Stanshall designed and maintained by Sydney Longfellow, Vivian's stepdaughter.

Kevin Ayers
Why Are We Sleeping? Fan Site  
Visit these cool sites for the latest news on Kevin, discography, extensive archives, and a lot more.
Ptolemaic Terrascope  
Magazine for fans of music that is psychedelic in nature  published by Nick "Bevis Frond" Saloman.

Terry Stamp and Jim Avery's web site.  Ollie and Tony Newman played on Terry's Fatsticks album in 1975.  Also, Boxer covered "Town Drunk" and "Dinah Low" from that same album.  Visit the site for information on available recordings plus information on Third World War and other projects.

Spooky Tooth
Luki's web site on all things Spooky: biography, pics, discography, lyrics, and more.

Worldwide Vertigo Swirl Guide
Cool site dedicated to the Vertigo label's releases in various countries.  Includes information on and reviews for Patto's first two LPs.      


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