"Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em, Put Another Line Out"

Promotional bio page
from 1972 USA press kit



     Patto, although new on Island, has been together for over four years.  The best known of the their former names is Timebox.  Mike Patto (lead vocals) explained, "It wasn't a question of a pop band suddenly deciding to go into a heavy trip.  It was a very gradual process.  For quite a long time people were coming to see Timebox and hearing Patto material.  On the other hand, after we informally became Patto we still playing Timebox material."

     The other members of Patto are:
          Ollie Halsall - guitars and keyboard
          Clive Griffiths - bass
          John Halsey - drums

     While all create material on their albums, Halsall and Patto contribute the major portion.

     "We all come from musical backgrounds," Clive explained, "And we've all been playing a long time.  I started on violin at the age of seven.  I got into the bass one night when I went to see some friends play.  The bassist didn't turn up, and I got on stage and jammed.  I came down to London about five years ago."

     Ollie started as a left-handed drummer..."I could also play a little bit of piano.  It was my own arrangement of No Other Love But Mine.  I couldn't play anything else.  About the same time, Mike Patto was performing his big number - Oh Oh Duchess.  It's a pity we couldn't get together."  Mike continued, "The trouble was that we were only about five years old at the time.  But, it proves we've been playing a long time!"

     "We've developed very gradually," said Mike.  "So the music has developed out of ourselves.  It doesn't hold any vital, important message - our lyrics are written to put across whatever we want to say.  As a band, we want to have a good time and enjoy the gig with the audience; we do try to put our feelings over."

     "We like playing live, but it's a lot more difficult than the audience thinks.  They go to a gig and see the band leaping around - and think 'I couldn't do that'.  Well, that's how we feel.  But, it's getting better.  As Patto, we've become more confident.  Once the audience gets warmed up, we start leaping about.  As soon as you've actually got the gig rolling you can start to relax and enjoy yourselves."

     "We've got very definite ideas.  The future looks good for Patto.  We feel ourselves to be a unique little band, and we want to be treated as such, not honed into anything different.  We've got things together now.  Our music will develop the way it always has, with a little smack of anarchy and a sad, realistic insanity.  Basically, we're just going to carry on having a good time.  Music is a gas; it's a good life."

     Patto's future looks excellent -



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