Eastern Evening News,  April 3, 1965


By Steve James

MIKE PATTO – Watton singer who has turned professional

BACK in Norwich briefly this week after his tour as compère and singer in a show which starred the Moody Blues and Chuck Berry, was Mike Patto, whose home is at Watton.

Mike (real name Michael Thomas Sean Patrick McCarthy, and aged 22) has started to go places in the hard world of professional "pop" since he left a local group to solo.

He’s got a disc in the offing, "Thinking of you" with "She will not care" on the flip side.

But when I spoke to a cheery Mike this week he was modest enough about his achievements. He got the compéring job almost accidentally, he told me.

"They wanted someone to do five shows during the month’s tour while the regular compère they had in mind was carrying out other engagements he'd been booked for," Mike said.

"My agent put my name forward, and after I'd been at their agent's offices for a good deal of the day I was asked if I’d compère the whole tour.

"There hadn’t been any set audition – just meeting people there and talking to them and joking with them.

"I didn’t have any rehearsal before the actual show, either. A list of gags and a list of numbers – and on I went straight from cold. I admit I felt petrified, and flopped down on my bed after the first show exhausted.

"But things seemed to go all right and after one or two performances I didn’t feel nervous any more."

Mike's the cheerful type who can crack a ready gag with a natural ease.


Noticing his hair is reasonably close-cut I asked him what he thought of today's long locks. "Looks all right on girls," he said, adding thoughtfully, "Or on Lassie – she made a mint of money. And the Beatles are said to be millionaires, aren’t they?"

But he’s not contemplating going shaggy. He thinks it’s quite O.K. for some but not for him.

Mike’s finding cabaret work in London keeping him busy at the moment. And he’s practising the drums. His dad was a drummer, he told me. His mother was once a pianist with Geraldo.

I met Mike at a Press conference held to give details of the jazz festival which is being organised by the Norwich Ad-Hocs in Earlham Park on June 12th. He’s singing there with the Continentals group.

From three bandstands there’ll be continuous jazz from the bands of Acker Bilk, Terry Lightfoot, the Original Downtown Syncopators, the Collegians, and the Continentals.

Besides Mike as soloist with the Continentals there’ll be Joe Harriot, a leading saxophone exponent of modern jazz, and Anna, of Norwich’s Jolly Butchers, with the J.B.’s Quartet.

Nitpicking:  Forget the "Sean Patrick" part of Mike's name reported here.  It was just Michael Thomas McCarthy.

No further information about this supposed single of "Thinking of you"/"She will not care" is available.  

Article kindly provided by Phil McCarthy.


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